Vacuum Fried Jackfruit Chips (Green Chilli)

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Savor the fiery zest of our Green Chilli Jackfruit chips! These gluten-free snacks pack a punch of fresh, spicy flavor, satisfying your cravings with a guilt-free twist.

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Get ready for a zesty, spicy flavor explosion with our Green Chilli Jackfruit Chips!

Made with fresh, hand-picked jackfruit and infused with the bold taste of green chili, these chips are a fiery yet healthy snack option. Vacuum-fried to perfection, they retain all the micronutrients and vitamins present in the fruit while consuming 75% less oil than regular chips. Gluten-free, free of artificial preservatives, and dairy-free, these chips are perfect for anyone looking for a delicious and guilt-free snack. Plus, the fiber-rich jackfruit will help keep you feeling full and satisfied. So why settle for boring old chips when you can spice up your snack game with our Green Chilli Jackfruit Chips?


Tender jackfruit, salt, palm oil, green chilli flavour

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