Vacuum Fried Jackfruit Chips (Chilli Garlic)

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Our Chilli Garlic Jackfruit chips have a savory and spicy flavor that is perfect for those who love bold flavors.

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Craving a snack that’s bursting with bold, savory flavors?

Look no further than our Chilli Garlic Jackfruit Chips! Infused with the rich flavors of garlic and spicy chili, these chips are a healthier alternative to regular chips. We vacuum-fry them to retain all the micronutrients and vitamins in jackfruit, while keeping them 75% less oily than deep-fried chips. Our Chilli Garlic Jackfruit Chips are also gluten-free and free of artificial preservatives, making them a perfect snack choice for those with dietary restrictions. So what are you waiting for? Indulge in the delicious, spicy goodness of our Chilli Garlic Jackfruit Chips!


Tender jackfruit, salt, palm oil, chilli garlic flavour

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