Vacuum Fried Jackfruit Chips (Classic)

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Our classic Jackfruit chips are perfect for those who love the natural taste of jackfruit.

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Looking for a snack that’s simple, satisfying, and dairy-free?

Look no further than our Classic Jackfruit Chips! Made from hand-picked fresh jackfruit, these chips are vacuum-fried to perfection, preserving all the good-for-you micronutrients and vitamins in the fruit. With no artificial preservatives and gluten-free, these chips are a healthy and guilt-free alternative to regular chips. But don’t let their health benefits fool you – these chips also pack a satisfying crunch that will satisfy your snack cravings. Plus, the fiber-rich jackfruit will keep you feeling full for longer. So why settle for boring old chips when you can snack on the delicious and natural taste of jackfruit with our Classic Jackfruit Chips?


Tender jackfruit, salt, palm oil

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